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Empowering inclusive and impactful innovation

Daring to be Bold with New Technologies?
If You're Ready, So Are We!


Join our community of ambitious entrepreneurs who want to make their dent in the Universe. Or let's collaborate to get there together.

Our Partners


While born in Montreal, our vision quickly grew to impact Quebec and beyond to create connections and opportunities to collaborate across stakeholders, industries and geography. Our initiatives, learning programs, entrepreneurship support, and engaging events bring together thousands of established and aspiring entrepreneurs each year.

Collaborating with industry leaders, professionals, investors, and researchers, we explore, experiment, and execute innovative projects with scalable and sustainable impact in mind.

Accelerating Innovation and Empowering Entrepreneurs since 2008

Montreal NewTech (MTL NewTech, MNT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to driving the success of the startup ecosystem. We are a thriving community of researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, students, and innovators who are enthusiastic about the potential of technology and making a positive social impact, and excited to connect with global startup ecosystems.

Since our inception in 2008, we have been at the forefront of driving the startup and tech innovation communities.


About Us

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Let's have an Impact together!

As a trusted community partner, Montreal NewTech develops projects, programs, events, and services that bring together:

  • startups

  • investors

  • corporates

  • ecosystem players

  • government partners

to not only support and accelerate existing entrepreneurs, but also feed the ecosystem by attracting and inspiring ambitious entrepreneurs to move forward, further and faster together

What We Do

If you share our aim to make the tech startup ecosystem more daring, ambitious, innovative while being more accessible, inclusive,  and impact-oriented, let's explore together:

Collaborating with our startup services to support impactful entrepreneurs

Co-developing a program aimed at tackling industry-specific open innovation challenges 

Co-creating impactful activities to attract and engage the ecosystem and new external participants

Building community-strengthening initiatives that foster collaboration and inclusion

Let's work together to break down silos, build new partnerships, and inspire the next generation of bold entrepreneurs towards success.


Contact our partnership team today. It's in our DNA to explore and commit to supporting transformative initiatives that aim for inclusive innovation and positive impact!

A Glimpse of Our Collaborative Projects

La Foundry: A bold new service for startups

Co-developed by Montreal NewTech and Desjardins, La Foundry is a new and unique support service designed especially for tech startups with the goal of making a positive impact in society. La Foundry is unlike any other startup program and compliments traditional incubators and accelerators. With a satisfaction score of over 92%,  La Foundry has been developed with feedback from over 40 startups who have piloted the service since 2021.

Startup Community Awards

The Startup Community Awards (SCA) are a unique opportunity to highlight, inspire, and strengthen the tech innovation community that unites us in a shared vision to accelerate the prosperous future of our economy and society.

It's about YOU and US - every year, we shine a light on the rockstars who build, shape, and fuel our startup ecosystem.

Nominate, vote, and join us at the gala, as we toast to the grit, passion, and unstoppable spirit of our community.

Startup Open House

MNT and Tractr bring to you Startup Open House, the ultimate networking experience, where you can dive into the world of innovative startups and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs for free. Immerse yourself in the unique culture of each startup and discover the magic that happens behind the scenes. Whether you're looking for a job, a partnership, or just a conversation, SOH offers you endless opportunities to meet inspiring leaders and experience the thrill of entrepreneurship. Take that first step and unleash your inner innovator - SOH is here to help you soar! 🚀

Creative Collisions

Creative Collisions is an event that inspires collaboration between Quebec companies and B2B startups to address innovation and business challenges. Building on MNT’s Demo Night format, it unites SMEs, corporations, startups, researchers, and other stakeholders to tackle industry-specific problems. Each themed event promotes the cross-pollination of experiences and best practices, driving collaboration appetite and facilitating long-lasting relationships between startups, companies supported by incubators and accelerators to create and adopt innovative science and tech-driven solutions that have a potential for scalable impact.

Connecting Intelligence: Blue Economy


In collaboration with Ocean Startup Project and 18 ecosystem partners, the 2023 edition of Montreal NewTech's Connecting Intelligence brought together Rimouski industry experts with Montreal entrepreneurs and corporates to tackle the increasing possibilities for innovation in Quebec's Blue Economy. This event aspired to alert and motivate potential entrepreneurs to launch new projects, uniting an assorted group of present and future entrepreneurs, professionals, researchers, and principal industry organizations. Following this Connecting Intelligence, 90% of attendees expressed an increased interest in exploring further opportunities in the blue economy.


Cooperathon, Canada's largest open innovation challenge, is a pioneering platform for fostering societal change and innovation. A collaboration between Montreal Newtech and Desjardins, it aims to unite citizens, entrepreneurs, researchers, and institutions in creating a technologically advanced, inclusive, and socially responsible future. Featuring two challenge tracks based on impact startup development stage:

Alpha: A 6-week cohort-based program designed for early-stage teams without a working prototype enriched with expert-led workshops and a vast mentorship network, focuses on nurturing ideas for a sustainable and inclusive world. Participants are equipped to become changemakers, utilizing data and AI for positive societal impact, truly embodying the spirit of innovation and responsible entrepreneurship.


Beta: Cooperathon Beta caters to impact startups with existing products or prototypes, emphasizing scaling, market readiness, and strategic partnerships. It provides market validation, high-stakes pitch finales, and access to investors and corporate partners. 

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Health Beyond Initiative

Collaborating closely with the Canadian Space Agency and Mangrove, Montreal NewTech was a key partner in developing community-building strategies for the Health Beyond Initiative. At the Health Beyond Forum in Spring 2022, key stakeholders assembled to start their community-building strategies.


The initiative culminated in the launch of the first ever Health Beyond Summit in the same year, which drew in over 500 participants from across Canada. Montreal NewTech was instrumental in recruiting and engaging ecosystem leaders to come together to discuss the future of remote healthcare in Canada and the integration of breakthrough technologies in the healthcare industry.

                     Energy Innovation Award

innovhq logo.png

Partnering with Hydro Quebec and Continuums, Montreal NewTech developed the 2022 InnovHQ Energy Innovation Award program to drive the adoption of solutions from energy tech SMEs and accelerate the energy transition for the benefit of future generations.

Inspiring collaboration between nearly 100 innovative energy entrepreneurs and 21 partners across Quebec's innovation ecosystem, the program celebrated a cohort of 16 finalists and 4 selected winners in the summer of 2022.

Our Members & Partners

Image by Luke Chesser
Jennifer MacLean.png
"Building collaborative partnerships is key to our success, and Montreal NewTech has proven to be an effective platform not only for the Supercluster, but for the start-ups that it was built to serve."

Jennifer MacLean

Director of Collaborations @ NGen Canada

Empowering You: Calendar of Opportunities in the Ecosystem

We learn the most when we come together to exchange ideas with others.  Imagine how much you could learn when meeting up with entrepreneurs, techies, organizers, and other community members.  

Montreal NewTech's Calendar is the way to go to stay on top of new technologies and the startup scene. Are you ready for the ride?

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